Warmer days are finally upon us, which means a couple of things for us and our lawns. It means we’ll be spending more time using them, but it also means that they’ll need a proper clean-up before being put to use. 

Think about it— the winter months tend to wreak havoc on, well, basically everything. Our trees, flowers, lawns, and anything else we can think of that isn’t safely under our roofs. 

Here are a few reasons that your landscape could use a professional spring clean-up:

Protect the Health of Your Turf

You may not know this, but dead foliage and fallen leaves actually harbor fungal diseases that could prove detrimental to your lawn. They leave behind them mildew and mold— producing an ideal environment for pesky pests to penetrate your property. 

All About the Aesthetic

The fact of the matter is we invest in the customization and sprucing up of our landscapes for almost fully aesthetic reasons. We want the exterior of our properties to look attractive and inviting, both for ourselves and our visitors. 

The removal of debris that’s accumulated throughout your landscape— things like leaves, branches, and even litter— will instantly improve the appearance and atmosphere of your lawn. 

Breathe some relief of freshness into your exterior atmosphere by hiring a professional landscaping crew to give your landscape a thorough spring cleaning!

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