Here at Green Scapes Unlimited, we take great pride in our growth and success over the past 15+ years helping residents and businesses in White Marsh, Towson, Glen Burnie, Westminster, Bel Air and other Baltimore area cities with their fences and fence installation projects. We are one of the leaders in the landscape industry, providing quality installations, excellent customer service while offering many types of fences including wood and vinyl fencing for your home or business at competitive prices. Our landscape contractors are happy to also offer our customers fences to meet your needs.

Fences and Fence Installation Project Questionnaire:

Upon meeting one of our fence estimators, you will be asked a series of questions to help us understand how we can best serve you with your upcoming fence installation project for your residential or commercial property. Some of the questions will sound something like this:

Is the project for residential or commercial fencing?

The nature of the project depends on whether it’s residential or commercial fencing. Residential fencing is typically designed to enclose private properties, while commercial fencing serves business, industrial, or institutional purposes. Understanding this crucial distinction guides the entire fencing process.

How big is the property that needs the enclosure?

The size of the property plays a significant role in determining the type and amount of fencing required. A larger property may necessitate more extensive and possibly more cost-effective solutions, while smaller properties can be efficiently enclosed with different options.

What is the purpose of installing a fence?

The purpose behind installing a fence is a fundamental consideration. Different goals require distinct fencing solutions. Are you aiming for enhanced security, privacy, aesthetics, or a combination of these? Identifying the primary purpose helps in selecting the right fencing materials and design.

Is it just for looks? (which is perfectly fine)

Aesthetic concerns are entirely valid when choosing a fence. A beautifully designed fence can significantly enhance the curb appeal of a property, adding value and charm. In such cases, the fence serves both a functional and decorative purpose, creating an attractive boundary.

Is it for security purposes like commercial property?

Security is a common reason for installing fences around commercial properties. Fencing acts as a deterrent to potential intruders, safeguards assets, and enhances safety for employees and customers. For these purposes, robust, secure fencing materials are typically preferred.

Or is it just for some privacy?

Privacy is another common motivation for installing a fence, especially in residential settings. A well-placed fence can provide a sense of seclusion and shield outdoor spaces from prying eyes. Fencing for privacy often involves taller designs and materials that offer excellent coverage.

What type of fence are you thinking about?

The choice of fence type is crucial and closely tied to its intended function. Common options include wood, vinyl, chain-link, wrought iron, and more. Each material offers distinct advantages in terms of aesthetics, maintenance, durability, and cost. Your choice will depend on the project’s requirements, budget, and desired look.

We have a wooden fence, privacy fence, picket fence, metal fence, chain link fences; aluminum fence, and much more. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial purposes, the decision to install a fence involves several key factors. The size of the property, the intended function, and the desired aesthetics all play vital roles in determining the most suitable fencing solution.

By addressing these questions, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your fence fulfills your specific needs and preferences. Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the right option for you! Our team at Green Scapes Unlimited focuses on installing fencing for residents and businesses in White Marsh, Towson, Glen Burnie, Westminster, Bel Air, and other Baltimore area cities. We’re here to help make your dreams come true and 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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