Drainage Repairs

Here at Green Scapes Unlimited, we understand how frustrating it can be to have drainage issues. Our knowledgeable landscape contractors pinpoint any water-retaining issues that your yard has and works to find effective drainage repair solutions throughout the White Marsh, Towson, Glen Burnie, Westminster, Bel Air and other Baltimore area surrounding cities.

To restore your landscape to a healthy state, we install dry stream beds, perform underground drainage, recontour your land, and perform other drainage services as needed. Residents and businesses throughout the  Baltimore area surrounding cities trust us to fulfill their drainage needs.

 Our team collaborates with clients to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious outdoor spaces, ensuring a harmonious balance between functionality and natural beauty. Trust us to enhance both the functionality and ecological integrity of your landscape.

Drainage Repairs - Green Scapes Unlimited

Benefits of Drainage Repairs

Clients in a variety of situations have come to us for drainage repairs. Consider the benefits of what our landscape contractors provide:

Less maintenance: Once we’ve completed our drainage services on your landscape, you will be left with an easy-to-maintain lawn and garden. Issues like erosion and excess water will be taken care of.

Curated landscapes: We prevent muddy and unsightly lawns with our drainage services. Some of our services, like rain garden installations, offer you attractive features that beautify your outdoor living area. These rain gardens can include native plants and shrubs that complement and add value to your landscape.

Improved Property Value: Our drainage solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also contribute to increased property value. Well-maintained and properly drained outdoor spaces are more attractive to potential buyers and can significantly boost your property’s market worth.

Foundation Protection: Efficient drainage minimizes the risk of water pooling around your property’s foundation. This protective measure prevents potential structural damage, ensuring the longevity and stability of your home or business. Count on us for comprehensive drainage solutions that safeguard your property investment.

Type of Drainage Repairs Services:

Dry stream beds

Dry stream beds prevent erosion by reducing runoff. They also offer aesthetic value, as they can be lined with plants and stones to replicate a riparian environment.

Our Dry Steam Bed drainage repairs are a strategic solution to mitigate erosion and manage runoff. These aesthetically pleasing features can mimic natural streambeds, with carefully selected plants and stones, enhancing the overall landscape while protecting it from the adverse effects of water flow.

Underground drainage

If necessary, our contractors will install below-ground fittings and pipes. Our underground drainage installation allows for the proper collection and distribution of excess water.

This underground drainage infrastructure is vital for preventing issues such as soil erosion, foundation damage, and waterlogged landscapes. By directing water away from critical areas, homeowners can safeguard their property’s foundation, landscaping, and overall structural integrity, ensuring a resilient and enduring outdoor environment eliminating the need for more drainage repairs.

Flow wells

Our flow well installation services are a great solution for stormwater runoff. Flow wells, or dry wells, act as underground reservoirs designed to capture and absorb excess water during heavy rainfall.

This innovative drainage system prevents waterlogging, reduces the risk of flooding, and protects your property from potential damage. By allowing stormwater to infiltrate the ground gradually, flow wells contribute to groundwater recharge, promoting environmental sustainability in the drainage repairs.

Land recontouring

Land recontouring involves surveying your property’s elevation and adjusting its sloping using advanced techniques.

Our land recontouring drainage repair service is a transformative solution for homeowners facing water-related issues in their outdoor spaces. Through strategic reshaping of the land, our skilled contractors redirect water flow, preventing pooling and erosion. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also safeguards your property’s foundation and plant life.

Rain garden installation

Rain gardens will reduce flooding and protect surrounding waterways. They can be sized and shaped to fit with your particular landscape.

Our rain garden installation drainage repair service provides homeowners with a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution to water management. Homeowners benefit from enhanced curb appeal, as rain gardens offer a vibrant and diverse display of native plants and shrubs

Downspout piping
Downspout piping is often connected to gutter spouts to redirect water flow away from the foundation.
French drains
A sloped trench filled with rock and a perforated pipe is dug into your yard so water can drain into the trench.
Also a trench, swales are filled with plants and help to move water away from areas where it has a tendency to pool.

If you are interested in drainage repairs for your yard throughout the Baltimore area surrounding cities, contact our full-service drainage repair team at Green Scapes Unlimited can help every step of the way.

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