If you have an outdoor space and you’re looking to spruce it up a bit with some light and warmth, getting an outdoor fire pit built may be just the thing you need to turn your space into the dream you’ve been envisioning.

However, there are some things you should plan out a bit in advance before you get started on your project.

Tips for installing an outdoor fire pit:

  • Get approval from local authorities to build the fire pit
  • Hire a contractor who you trust to plan out the build and design you want for the fire pit
  • Consider accessibility when choosing the size of the fire pit with your contractor
  • Consider fuel supply equipment when choosing the type of pit and fuel you’ll need
  • Choose what kind of materials you’d like to build the fire pit from with the help of your contractor
  • Don’t use flammable building materials
  • Consider your ROI (return on investment)
  • Be sure to install a steel ring around the fire pit
  • Purchase some basic fire safety equipment/gear
  • Be sure to construct your outdoor fire pit away from potential fire hazards and unfavorable winds
  • Don’t use fire accelerants that release toxic fumes
  • Never leave your new fire pit unattended
  • Don’t invest in a permanent fire pit if you don’t have the space for one

If you are still not quite sure of exactly what you want when you’re thinking about getting a fire pit, we have standard kits for you to choose from. We can install these for you or you can use them simply for your own inspiration. If it turns out that you want something more specific, we can source custom pieces to create the perfect fire pit for what you have in mind.

Our installation process involves: material, location, accessories

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