You want your front yard to look pretty and inviting — but your choice of flowers and plants can also help maintain your property. Just how do you choose what flowers and plants to place in your front yard, though?

Drought-resistant foundation plants, like boxwood shrubs and rhododendrons, aren’t only easy on the eye and easy to maintain, they also help to protect your house from damp. Low shrubs and evergreens are, therefore, an ideal addition to any front yard.

Once you have your foundation plants taken care of, some other considerations are:

  • How much time do you plan to spend gardening? This will determine whether you should choose high- or low-maintenance plants and flowers for your front yard.
  • What plants and flowers make you and your family feel happy? What colors do you like? Are you going for a more natural and chaotic front yard, or is it important to you that the flowers and plants complement one another?
  • Consider how much sun particular spots in your front yard get, and base your choices on that.
  • Choose flowers and plants that will work with your local climate, rather than those that will be a constant struggle to care for.
  • Consider when the flowers you choose to bloom, so that you have a beautiful front yard when it’s most important to you.

Armed with that checklist, choosing the perfect flowers and plants for your front yard should be a real treat!