Installing a new water feature helps improve your property value. On top of property value, it looks more beautiful and feels more complete as a part of the landscape. Here are some tips to get started on finding the perfect feature to install onto your property today!

Styles of Installs for Water Feature Additions

Bird Bath

Bird baths are nice to add to your home before you get started with larger projects. Overall, all you need is a place for a bowl of any material really that can resist inclement weather. Then, you can install these in the shade, under your porch, or in other safe areas. Additionally, you can use it as a template for trying different strategies and trying different water feature layouts.

Basic Fountain

A basic fountain is a great place to start for your property. Simply install a fountain that adds a bit of value with versatile, customizable designs.

Infinity Surfaces

Infinity surfaces can be beautiful additions when installed correctly. These are completely customizable around your property, and have a variety of unique layouts to play with. Take a look at some examples of different infinity pool surfaces that other homeowners have added to their home, and draw some of your own inspiration to make it your own.

Can I Add a Water Feature Myself?

Yes! You absolutely can install your own fountain or water feature with the right tools. However, for larger projects, you’re going to need to have a bit of professional assistance to get it right. This includes anything that has new tile being laid, new surfaces, and other larger pieces of the property being added.

Water features are beautiful and you need to get them right. Give us a call today to assess your property firsthand, and then give you the perfect solution to your new project. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!